HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2020: The Winter Worker

Canadian and Northeast US winters are a force to be reckoned with. Help your loved ones conquer the cold with the superior Pfanner performance.


Pfanner has a Toque (or as you Yankees like to call them, “Beanie”) for every use. Low-profile design Toques that can be worn under helmets, thick wool for extra-cold days, and even a hi-vis, reflective version for working in low-light. All Pfanner toques are moisture-wicking and odour inhibiting.
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Ranging from $29.99 – $44.99 CAD | Approx. $23 – $36 USD

Quality Base Layers

The most under-rated and ignored piece of gear in the wintertime are the base-layers. An efficient base-layer sets the stage for how the remaining layers perform. It is essential to have a moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating layer on the skin to ensure optimal moisture transport. This ensures that the mid and outer layers can still do their job as body temperature rises and falls. All Pfanner base-layers have moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and odour inhibiting qualities.
Check out our selection of base layers here.
Ranging from $49.99 – $174.99 | Approx. $40 – $140 USD

Winter Gloves

Both the Thermo Glove and Ice Grip Glove are excellent companions while working in the winter. The Thermo Glove has naturally-insulating goat-skin with a fleece liner, and the Ice Grip Glove is a warmer alternative to our popular Fine-Grip glove and provides optimal dexterity and warmth while you work.
Check out our selection of gloves here.
Thermo Gloves: $24.99 CAD | Approx. $20 USD
Ice Grip Gloves: $15.99 CAD | Approx. $13 USD

Winter Socks

Pfanner socks are all soft, merino-wool blends designed to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. The best part about these wool blends is that they don’t hold odour, allowing them to be worn more than once between washes. For wintertime, we recommend the Outdoor Extreme Functional Socks or the Merino Thermo Socks.
Check out our selection of socks here.
Outdoor Extreme Functional Socks: $29.99 | Approx. $24 USD
Merino Thermal Socks: $43.99 | Approx. $36 USD

Jobby Fleece Jacket

The Jobby Fleece is a fan-favourite around our office. It is a highly versatile winter jacket that can be used on it’s own or as a mid-layer. It is also great as a light-working jacket or for casual use. The long design with a cinching mechanism keeps and wind-proof lining keep the cold out, while the subtle reflectors add a layer of safety in low-light situations.
Check out the Jobby Fleece here.
Ranging from $134.99 – $144.99 CAD | Approx. $108 – $116 USD

Gladiator II Chainsaw Pants (Class 2)

The Gladiator II Chainsaw Protection Pants don’t just add an extra layer of safety with their extra saw protection. That thick protective layer also provides extra insulation on those bitterly-cold winter days. These pants boast the same features as the other Pfanner Chainsaw pants: Zipper-vents on the back, removable gaitors, StretchAIR® material on the backside, and a Klima-Air temperature regulator.
Check out the Gladiator II Chainsaw pants here.
Ranging from $469.99 – $519.99 CAD | Approx. $376 – $416 USD

Protos Integral Arborist, with Reflective stips

The Protos® Integral Arborist helmet is a show-stopper at any time of year, but the Black-Reflective or Olive-Reflective colours schemes are particularly handy in the wintertime. With short working days in the wintertime, the reflective strips make you extra visible in the low morning or evening light.
Check out the Protos Integral Arborist here.
$374.99 | Approx. $299 USD

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