How can spending MORE money possibly equal savings? Seems counter-productive, right? Not always. While I often recommend saving money in whatever areas possible, there are certain items that require us to look beyond the price tag to see its value.

Pfanner chainsaw pants – whether it be Gladiator Ventilation, Gladiator II, or any other model – are pricey. There is no doubt about that. But being pricey does not mean that they lack value. These pants – along with any other Pfanner product – take a lot more time, care, and development to manufacture. More importantly, they offer features that directly benefit you, the user.

1. Longevity
The most obvious benefit of purchasing the Pfanner pants is the lifespan of the product. Spending $400 on a pair of pants that lasts two years* is much more economic than spending $150 on a pair of pants that lasts six months (which becomes a $600 investment over the same timeframe).
Pfanner accomplishes this level of quality by using a number of patented materials and technology, along with a specific design that is unlike other pants. You can read about it here. Though there is more to the story than just longevity…

2. Comfort
For whatever reason, many industries have pushed the idea of “comfort” into the background and categorized it as a luxury. The truth is that a comfortable person is a productive person. People are more likely to wear the required safety gear if it is not an inconvenience to them. Likewise, they are LESS likely to become distracted and frustrated by the discomforts of low-quality gear. Being comfortable allows users to stay safe and focused on the job.

3. Employee Morale (for employers)
Crew management can be tough. Everyone has a different personality, perspective, and experience level. As any entrepreneur knows, successful navigation within your business can often rely heavily on having a happy and healthy team. Showing your employees that you care about both their safety and their comfort level is a great way to boose morale and ensure that they know that they are important to you. Of course, the high-quality will prove to be a wise investment as well.

If you’re still not ready to jump into your first pair of Pfanner pants, that’s okay. I’d encourage you NOT to simply take my word for it. Ask around. Ask other Pfanner users, look up reviews, and do as much research as you need to. It’s a big investment for a lot of people, so take your time. When you’re ready, we’ll be here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments. Or stop by one of our authorized dealers.

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*Two years is an estimation based on customer feedback. Pfanner Canada cannot guarantee a specific lifespan.