Introducing the Nanoshield® Face Shield PPE

We are excited to announce the new Nanoshield® Protection Face Shield PPE, by Pfanner. These innovative face shields are designed to provide optimal protection and comfort.


  • Unrestricted Field of Vision
  • Protection for mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Shows facial expression
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sunvisor and hat brim provide protection from direct sunlight in the eyes
  • Protects both the user and those around them

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Ships across Canada and the USA. You can also purchase them in-store at Savoy Equipment.


Nanoshield 4×4 (PPE Face Shield):

The NanoShield® face shield protection consists of a ballcap or sunvisor and an attachable protective face shield. The face shield covers the entire face, providing protection from splashing liquids and subsequent infection.
The face shield is fastened with push buttons and offers a continuous adjustment of the visor, suitable for every head or face shape. This means that the face shield can also be pushed up and stays in the “parking position” if the protection is not necessary.
For use in all areas where protection of the mucous membrane from splashing liquid is required.


Permitted cleaning agents:
Lukewarm soapy water, dish-washing liquid, cotton, microfiber cloth Not permitted cleaning agents:
harsh disinfectants, rough cloths


Smallest scope – 54 cm
Large scope – 62 cm
Visor size – 390 mm wide and 220 mm high
Material – optically qualified polyethylene terephthatalate (PED), recyclable
Weight – Extra light, only 33 grams

Other Information:

– Push buttons are nickel free
– PU foam
– No UV protection, according to EN 166
– High resilience
The visor is also available individually for fast and easy replacement
– Splinter-free thanks to the PET


This product can assist in protection from COVID-19 and other viruses, but protection is not guaranteed. Please observe guidelines provided by your local health authorities. This product is not a replacement for unsafe practices.