BaSt-Ing ValLink for ValFast

CA $219.99

Maximize your ValFast efficiency with ValLink – the smart link between impact wrenches and ValFast. Simply screw ValLink onto your impact wrench, creating a quick and secure connection through an eccentric clamp. The spindle wedge becomes a unified unit, easily worn as one.


Enhance ValFast performance with the BaSt-Ing ValLink Connection. Effortlessly link impact wrenches to ValFast by securing ValLink with its eccentric clamp. The unified unit, formed with the spindle wedge, ensures convenient wear.

Empower ValFast control using the forest measuring tape, ensuring safe distancing during tree felling. Easily revert the impact wrench to regular use by loosening just 2 screws in the BaSt-Ing ValLink Connection. Streamline your workflow with this invaluable addition for optimal productivity.

The BaSt-Ing ValLink Connection for ValFast is available for a range of different Impact Wrenches:

  • Bosch GDS18V-1050H
  • DeWalt CD899 and DCF900
  • Makita DTW 1001 and 1002
  • Makita TW001G
  • Milwaukee M18

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Safety Standards Disclaimer

Follow directions provided in the user manual exactly.

Please confirm that your Bast-ing purchase meets the standards specified by your Occupational Health & Safety Board, employer, and insurance provider. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to ensure that all safety requirements are met and followed. This product does not replace safe working practices.

Savoy Equipment Ltd. does not accept responsibility for any instances of misuse, use without insurance, use without compliance to relevant OHS board standards, or any instance of use that results in death or injury.

Additional information

Wrench Type

Bosch GDS18V-1050H, DeWalt CD899 and DCF900, Makita DTW 1001 and 1002, Makita TW001G, Milwaukee M18


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