Glasses Clip for Protos® Headset

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Integrated Clip System for the Protos® Integral Headset.

Protos® Integral Glasses and Headset sold separately.

NOTE: This item is NOT required to clip the Protos® Glasses into the Protos® Integral Helmet.

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Expereince the convenience of the Glasses Clip for Protos® Headset, offering seamless integration and compatibility with various Pfanner safety glasses. Enjoy a secure and comfortable fit, allowing all-day use without compromising on safety.

The design of the Glasses Clip prioritizes reducing pressure points, ensuring a snug fit for extended wear. Enhance your protective gear with this accessory that seamlessly combines functionality and comfort, creating an optimal solution for your workday. Trust in the reliability of Pfanner products as you equip yourself with the Glasses Clip for the Protos Integral Headset, a perfect addition to your safety ensemble.

Eyewear safety holds paramount importance in various industries, safeguarding workers from potential hazards and ensuring optimal vision protection. Furthermore,  in environments where dust, debris, chemicals, or projectiles are present, the eyes are vulnerable to injuries that can lead to severe consequences. Proper eyewear provides a crucial barrier, preventing foreign objects from causing harm and maintaining clear visibility. Additionally, safety glasses shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of long-term damage. Whether in construction, manufacturing, or outdoor activities, investing in quality eyewear not only adheres to safety regulations but also promotes a culture of well-being, ensuring that individuals can perform their tasks with confidence and safeguard their most vital sensory organ.

Experience the comfort and convenience of the Pfanner Glasses Clip for Protos® Headset.

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