Nexus Glasses Hard Case

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Nexus Glasses Hard Case

Hard case protection for Nexus safety glasses.


  • Zi

pper Access – Easy open/close


  • Durable tear resistant nylon material
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Integrated belt loops

Ensure the maximum protection for your Nexus Safety Glasses!

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Introducing the Nexus Glasses Hard Case, the perfect safeguard for your Nexus safety glasses. This hard case, crafted from durable tear-resistant nylon material, provides robust protection against impacts, scratches, and environmental elements. The zipper open/close feature ensures easy access to your glasses while keeping them securely enclosed. The water and dirt repellent properties add an extra layer of defense, making it ideal for outdoor activities or challenging work environments.

Designed with practicality in mind, the integrated belt loops offer convenient portability. Keep your safety glasses within reach at all times. The hard case is tailored to fit your safety glasses, providing a precise and secure fit to maintain the glasses’ integrity. Whether you’re on the job site, in the field, or simply looking for a reliable storage solution, this hard case guarantees maximum protection for your glasses.

Investing in the Nexus Glasses Hard Case ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your safety glasses. Furthermore, the combination of durable construction, water and dirt repellency, and integrated belt loops makes this hard case an essential accessory for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Safeguard your investment with the Nexus Glasses Hard Case and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable and durable protection for your safety glasses.

Nexus Safety Glasses(sold separately)

Whether you’re navigating challenging terrains or working in different light conditions, Nexus Safety Glasses ensure optimal vision and comfort. Trust in the precision of the adjustment points and the soft materials on all contact spots, such as the nose, ears, and forehead. Elevate your safety gear with these glasses, where style meets functionality for enhanced protection in every situation.

Suitable Industries:

  • Forestry
  • Work protection
  • Hunting
  • Tree care
  • Outdoor


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