Pfanner Merino AirSoft Toque

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The Pfanner Merino AirSoft Cap is a thin and comfortable toque. The flat seams make it ideal for wearing under the Protos® Integral. The Merino wool does not hold odour and the perforations in the toque allow for maximum ventilation. The moisture-wicking technologies ensure that it never feels wet, even on your sweatiest days.

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Please note that this item is exempt from our normal return policy, for health and hygiene reasons.

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The Pfanner Merino AirSoft Toque stands out as a premium accessory, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality. Crafted from 100% merino wool, this toque goes beyond the ordinary, providing a soft, scratch-free feel against the skin. Its natural moisture management properties ensure effective moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable even during strenuous activities.

Designed to complement the Protos® Integral, this toque features pressure-free flatlock seams, minimizing any discomfort and allowing for a snug fit under the helmet. The strategically perforated design enhances ventilation, promoting airflow and preventing overheating. This toque is not only about comfort but also about performance.

Merino wool’s inherent anti-odor qualities make this toque an ideal choice for prolonged wear. You can confidently tackle your daily tasks, knowing that the toque will remain fresh and free from unwanted odors. The lightweight and thin construction make it a versatile accessory suitable for various climates and activities.

Whether you’re working on the job site or engaging in outdoor adventures, the Pfanner Merino AirSoft Toque proves its worth. It’s a testament to Pfanner’s commitment to quality and innovation, providing a solution that prioritizes both comfort and functionality. Elevate your headgear experience with this exceptional merino wool toque, a reliable companion for those who demand the best in performance wear.


  • Natural moisture management
  • Soft merino wool for scratch-free wear
  • Anti-odour
  • Perforation for increased ventilation
  • Pressure-free flatlock seams
  • Recommended under the PROTOS®

Material: 100% merino wool

Returns Exception
Please note that this item is exempt from our normal return policy, for health and hygiene reasons.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 1 cm

Grey, Black


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