Protos® Absorption Inserts

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The insulating insert fitted into the hearing protections helps reduce environmental noise, thus preventing hearing loss.

To maintain hygiene and absorption of sound, the Absorption Inserts should be replaced regularly.

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Elevate your workplace safety and auditory comfort with our innovative Protos® Absorption Inserts. Expertly designed to integrate seamlessly with the Protos Headset, these inserts go beyond traditional hearing protection by offering optimal sound absorption properties. Whether you’re in construction, mining, hunting, or forestry, these inserts act as a crucial defence against environmental noise, reducing the risk of potential hearing loss.

Crafted with a rigid molded design, these inserts ensure durability, withstanding the rigors of challenging work conditions. Despite their robust construction, they remain remarkably lightweight, prioritizing your comfort throughout prolonged use. Additionally, the lightweight yet sturdy composition makes them an ideal choice for professionals seeking reliable hearing protection without compromising on convenience.

Regular maintenance is key to sustaining the effectiveness of these inserts. We recommend replacing them every 1-2 years to guarantee consistent sound absorption and uphold their protective capabilities. This periodic replacement ensures that your hearing protection remains at its peak performance, continuing to offer you uncompromised safety in noisy work environments.

Invest in your well-being and workplace safety with the Protos® Absorption Inserts. The Inserts are designed for professionals who demand high-performance solutions. They provide a crucial layer of defence against harmful noise levels, further contributing to a safer and more secure work environment. Prioritize your hearing health with this essential accessory for the Protos Headset, offering enduring protection for your auditory well-being.


  • Optimal Sound Absorbtion Properties.
  • Designed For Seamless Integration With Protos Headset
  • Rigid Molded Design Ensures Durability
  • Lightweight

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 cm


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