PROTOS® Felling Wedge: Second Life Project

CA $39.99

  • Made from 75% recycled PROTOS® outer shells and PROTOS® ventilation slides
  • Toothed on one side (75 teeth in honeycomb structure) for optimal bite
  • Coarse structure on one side for easy insertion of an additional wedge
  • Broad rounded striking surface
  • Available in five clearly visible colours
  • Made in Austria


Introducing the Protos® Felling Wedge — a groundbreaking product crafted from recycled Protos® shells, and a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. When transitioning from old shells to new wedges, we breathe new life into discarded materials. Aligning accordingly with our dedication to durable, long-life products that also champion environmental protection.

In the process, Protos Integral shells embark on a transformative journey and find a second life as felling wedges. Through meticulous recycling, shells that fall short of quality standards and ventilation sliders are shredded. This yields high-quality ABS/Polyamid granulate. This granulate possesses remarkable characteristics, including impact resistance and a wide temperature range (-30 to +50°C). This specifically making our wedges ideal for diverse conditions.

Protos® Wedge Product Features

Adding to their functionality, we incorporate 75 teeth in a honeycomb structure on one side. Thus ensuring an optimal bite for enhanced safety during felling operations.

A coarse structure on one side facilitates the effortless insertion of additional wedges, catering to a range of felling needs. The broad, rounded striking surface further solidifies the Protos® Felling Wedge as a reliable choice in the field.

Available in five vivid colors, our felling wedges not only stand out for their functionality but also for their visual appeal.

Protos® Environmental & Social Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the product itself. By repurposing old Protos® shells, we significantly reduce plastic waste, while simultaneously reintroducing a forest-related product into the same industry. An innovation that sets Protos® apart in its dedication to responsible manufacturing.

Choose Protos® Felling Wedge for a harmonious blend of environmental responsibility, safety, and quality—where every wedge tells a story of recycling, durability, and responsible manufacturing.

Size: 24 cm x 8 cm x 3.2 cm (9 in. x 3 in. x 1¼ in.)
Weight: 350 g (12.3 oz)

Material: 75% recycled ABS, and 25% ABS

Made in Austria

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