Protos® Integral Headset

CA $119.99

Light, Comfortable, and versatile!


The Protos® Integral Headset is the ultimate solution for diverse applications, offering unmatched comfort throughout the day. Its exceptionally lightweight design ensures prolonged wear without causing discomfort or pressure points. This feature, combined with a stress-free and secure fit, allows users to remain focused on their tasks without distraction.

Designed for versatility, the PROTOS® Headset stands out by allowing individual configuration. By seamlessly integrating with the BT-COM and safety glasses, users can adapt the headband to their specific needs. The strategic placement of support pads not only enhances comfort but also prevents pressure points from emerging, regardless of the wearer’s position. The headband’s reliable grip ensures it stays securely in place, eliminating any slipping concerns.

Moreover, the PROTOS® Headset is compatible with safety glasses, allowing for direct mounting without compromising the impressive 28dB insulation value provided by the brackets. Rigorously tested and approved according to EN 352-1 standards, this headset ensures both safety and functionality. Whether you’re in construction, industrial settings, or any environment requiring head protection and communication accessories, the Protos® Integral Headset stands as the go-to solution for optimal performance and comfort. Elevate your work experience with this cutting-edge headset that prioritizes user well-being and adaptability.

Bonus! Accessories like the Protos® Integral Glasses (sold separately) and the Protos® Integral BT-Com System (sold separately) are easy to install. Configure this headset for your exact needs!

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Red, Olive, Black, Blue, Orange, Green


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