Stretchflex® Kepro Gloves

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StretchFlex® Kepro, the very robust goatskin glove for optimal grip and durability. The StretchFlex® technology allows almost unlimited freedom of movement.

— StretchFlex® technology

— Kepro reinforcement

— Durable inseam on Velcro band

— Elastic band with Velcro

— For oily and greasy work

— Elastic knitted fabric at the back of the hand

Materials: Goatskin, Spandex, Aramid

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Introducing StretchFlex® Kepro Gloves, a robust goatskin glove, meticulously designed for unparalleled grip and durability. These gloves boast the innovative StretchFlex® technology, ensuring an expansive range of movement. The flexibility makes them the go-to choice for tasks demanding dexterity. The Kepro reinforcement strengthens these gloves, adding an extra layer of resilience to withstand demanding work environments.

Crafted with durability in mind, the inseam on the Velcro band is robust and enduring, promising longevity even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the elastic band, equipped with Velcro, ensures a secure and adjustable fit. The tailored fit snugs the hand for comfort and snugness. Designed to excel in oily and greasy work settings, these gloves provide optimal protection and reliability.

The incorporation of elastic knitted fabric at the back of the hand adds a touch of flexibility, enhancing overall comfort during wear. Whether handling intricate tasks or engaging in heavy-duty work, the StretchFlex® Kepro gloves offer a perfect balance of strength and agility.

These gloves are not just a practical choice. The Kepro gloves engage a commitment to quality and functionality. The combination of StretchFlex® technology, Kepro reinforcement, and thoughtful design elements like the durable inseam and elastic bands underscores the glove’s suitability for a diverse range of tasks. From precision work to tasks in challenging environments, the StretchFlex® Kepro gloves stand as a reliable companion, providing the durability and flexibility needed to tackle any job with confidence. Elevate your work experience with gloves that prioritize both strength and movement, ensuring you’re equipped for success in every condition.


Goatskin, Spandex, Aramid

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