Tyrol Fighter Chainsaw Boots – Class 1 [Special Order]

CA $614.99

  • 3 mm military leather
  • Class 1 chainsaw protection (20 m/s | 3900 ft/min)
  • True doublestitch
  • Single seam: 3 times sewn, and 3 times riveted
  • KlimaAIR® technology
  • Shock-absorbing VIBRAM sole
  • 6-layer sole assembly
  • Soft and flexible wear
  • Resoleable


Explore the Tyrol Fighter Chainsaw Boots, a fusion of timeless craftsmanship and contemporary comfort. Fashioned from 3 mm thick military leather, these boots exude tradition and durability. The meticulous true double stitch, single seam, and 3-times riveted design ensure lasting resilience.

Engineered for wear comfort, the patented KlimaAIR® technology regulates heat, providing a smooth experience during extended wear. Tackle rugged terrains confidently, as the puncture-proof sole and chainsaw protection class 1 offer robust defense against cut injuries. Stainless steel eyelets and an extra-high protective aluminum toe cap enhance safety for demanding outdoor environments.

The Vibram sole, designed for shock absorption and comfort, complements the soft and flexible wear, making these boots perfect for extended use. The resoleable construction adds convenience, ensuring longevity. Whether navigating the forest, engaging in outdoor activities, or seeking reliable performance, the Tyrol Fighter Chainsaw Boots strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Elevate your outdoor experiences in a craftsmanship rich legacy while meeting the demands of the contemporary world. The Tyrol Fighter Chainsaw Boots promise an immersive blend of heritage and innovation, delivering reliable performance with each step you take. Choose these boots for a seamless union of timeless tradition and cutting-edge technology on your journey.


– 3 mm thick military leather — True doublestich — Single seam, 3-times-sewn and 3-times riveted — Wear comfort thanks to the KlimaAIR® technology — Stainless steel eyelets — 6-layer sole assembly — Chainsaw protection class 1 — Soft and flexible wear — Extra-high protective aluminium toe cap


Upper: Military Leather
Lining: 100% polyester

Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 44 × 37 × 14 cm

36 (4 – 4.5 US), 37 (5 – 5.5 US), 38 (6 US), 39 (6.5 – 7 US), 40 (7.5 US), 41 (8 – 8.5 US), 42 (9 US), 43 (9.5 – 10 US), 44 (10.5 US), 45 (11 US), 46 (11.5 – 12 US), 47 (12.5 US), 48 (13 – 13.5 US)


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