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Introducing the VSS – Vario Support System Part for Matterhorn Boots, a cutting-edge accessory designed to enhance the performance and comfort of your footwear. Tailored specifically for Matterhorn Boots, this replacement part incorporates the innovative Vario Support System (VSS) in the heel area, ensuring unparalleled stability.

Crafted from durable injection-molded plastic, the VSS – Vario Support System Part is built to withstand the rigors of various terrains. The narrow outer sole is a key feature, allowing for effortless walking with minimal exertion. This design is especially advantageous for those who traverse diverse landscapes, providing stability without compromising ease of movement.

The VSS splint system is a standout feature, strategically placed to safeguard ligaments and prevent sprains, particularly during descents on steep terrains. This advanced system not only enhances safety but also promotes confidence in challenging environments.

What sets this replacement part apart is its versatility. The VSS insert is easily removable, catering to situations where a flat surface is encountered or when operating machines and vehicles. This adaptability ensures that your Matterhorn Boots remain functional and comfortable in various scenarios, allowing you to transition seamlessly between different activities.

Designed with your well-being in mind, the VSS – Vario Support System Part for Matterhorn Boots provides essential ankle and ligament support. Elevate your outdoor experience with this exceptional accessory, combining durability, flexibility, and advanced support features for footwear that goes beyond expectations. Step confidently into any adventure with the reliability of the VSS – Vario Support System Part, because every step matters.


  • VVS – Vario Support System – Replacement Part for Matterhorn Boots
  • Durable Injection Molded Pastic
  • Removable Design
  • Ankle and Ligament Support

This is a genuine replacement part for the Matterhorn Boots.


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