BT-COM Software Update Available

NOTICE: New BT-COM Software Update Available!

Protos® BT-COM Software Update Available, Version 2.1!

Software improvements include:

  1. Protos APP is now availble in more languages: English, German, French and Italian (Automatically based on the phone language)
  2. BT-Com now speaks more languages: German, Englisch, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese (choose via APP)
  3. You can now reset back to the original settings (push all buttons for 5 seconds)  
  4. Improvements on battery announcements and general power management
  5. You can customize the mic sensitivity (to avoid transmitting of not important noices)

Remember, most technical errors are solved by completing an update and ensuring that all units on your communication loop have the latest BT-COM update installed.

BT-COM Update Process

To update your BT-Com:

  1. Connect your device to the Protos Control App
  2. Select your unit on the opening screen
  3. Select “Update”
  4. Select your preferred language in the Announcement Language section
  5. Select “Update”and then select “Start” in the Firmware Update section.

It may take 10-20 minutes to download the new software, and then another 2-3 minutes to install the update on the unit. All of this should take place automatically once you click “Start”.

Make sure that units in your connection loop complete the update to ensure that everything works perfectly when you get back to the jobsite.

Tips for the update process:

The update should be a relatively simple and autommatic process, but here are some pointers for troubleshooting in case you are experiencing issues.

  • Note that multiple updates may be required.
    • Example: if you currently have version 1.7 installed, you will need to complete an update to version 1.9, and then update it once again to version 2.0, and then once again to version 2.1. The newer updates will download and install much faster
  • During the update process, it is advised to remove any additional bluetooth devices from the vicinity (watches, headphones, etc.). Have only the BT-COM and your phone in the room while completing the update.
  • During the update process, do not close the app or use your phone for any other purpose. It is advised to set your phone to do not disturb during this process, so the update is not interrupted by phone calls.
  • If you are having issues reconnecting once the update is complete, reset everything:
    • reset your unit (hold multifunction button and down button until LED flashes green)
    • delete the unit from the Protos Control App (press and hold unit name until trash can icon appears, then click the icon)
    • close/re-open Protos Control App
    • Then simply reconnect the device as usual


After you have completed the BT-COM Software Update, here are some additional tips.


  1. Ensure that the phones that the units are connected to BT-com units have the most up-to-date version the the BT-COM app installed.
  2. Occasionally change the insulation insert to prevent moisture buildup. Spare mic pads are also good for this. It’s a good idea to regularly pull apart the unit at the end of the day to let everything dry out.
  3. If you are experiencing connection issues it is a good idea to do a complete reset and reconnection of all units. This solves most problems.

Changing the Mic on your BT-COM

Replacement Mic kits are now available for the Protos. Here is a video that shows complete disassembly and reassembly.

BT-COM Warranty Inquiries

If you believe you have received a defective product, please fill out the BT-COM warranty form and upload the required documents. Accepted file formats include .png, .jpg, and .pdf.

All warranty requests will be considered for repair. Warranty replacements are not provided, except for in extraordinary cases.

Protos BT-COM Warranty Policy

  • Microphone: 6 months
  • Battery: 12 months
  • Manufacturing defects: 24 months