BaSt-Ing Mechanical Forestry Wedges

BaSt-Ing Mechanical Wedges Now Available!

BaSt-Ing Mechanical Forestry Wedges for real forestry professionals. Proven thousands of times over with outstanding longevity, BaSt-ing Wedges are the first choice for harvesting wood.

“Innovation in perfection”

Designed and manufactured in Germany, BaSt-ing products boast premium engineering and quality. BaSt-ing wedges are designed for real forestry professionals who need to work economically, efficiently, and safely.

Benefits of using a BaSt-Ing Mechanical Forestry Wedge:

  • Reduce strain in shoulders and arms while working
  • Increase speed and efficiency of work in the field
  • Avoid fallout of dead brush and snow

Check out a BaSt-Ing Mechanical Forestry Wedge in action in the video below!

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All successful stories start with passion and a vision

Our vision is to bring forestry into the 21st century, making work more economical and safer alike. For this we break with conventions and think in many areas.


The heart of BaSt-Ing GmbH is the team, internal colleagues but above all suppliers and our customers. Together it is possible to produce and develop outstanding products. We are always happy to receive feedback on the products and suggestions for changes. In all our decisions, we keep you as a customer as well as our colleagues and suppliers in mind and try to build and develop a powerful and competent team.


We are passionate about innovation in all your forms. We want to help you as a customer to work economically and safely and grow together with you as a company. In order to ensure this, we question and continue to develop well-established ways of working. In our products as well as in our processes we constantly try to learn and improve ourselves.


Foresters and forest owners live from an intact environment and it is in their DNA to preserve them for their successors. We as manufacturers have this DNA in us as well and contribute to it. The production takes place wherever possible regionally with short distances, in addition we produce high-quality, durable products which still function reliably in many years. We can guarantee low production costs and therefore economical prices for you through clever constructions and modern production methods.