Why Pfanner?

1 | Quality

The quality level of your work wear affects your productivity, confidence while working, wallet, and the world around you. Pfanner’s supreme quality brings out the best on every level.

Save Money

Investing in Pfanner products pays off. The quality of the product ensures longevity and therefore a significant reduction in your rate of replacement*.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental scientists suggest that one of the most impactful practices we can do to help the environment is reduce our consumption of goods. Due to the longevity of Pfanner products, your rate of replacement can be greatly diminished*, resulting in less waste.

*we recommend proper and diligent care of Pfanner products to ensure the longest lifespan possible.

2 | Comfort

Comfort matters. An uncomfortable garment can have negative effects on both our productivity and safety, which is why Pfanner products are designed to eliminate distractions for optimal performance. Innovative technologies ensure ease of mobility, effective moisture-transfer, and temperature regulation.

Improve productivity

Eliminate the constant distraction of an uncomfortable garment and stay focused on your work. Pfanner products can aid you in your concentration to help you finish the job effectively and efficiently.

Work safer

Comfortable PPE allows you to stay focused in high-risk situations that require your full attention.

3 | Safety

Pfanner products have been designed to protect you with careful consideration to the many variables that occur during an accident. Innovate technologies integrated into Pfanner products, such as Dyneema chainsaw protection, or the deflecting design of the Protos® Integral, will allow you to work with confidence. Your body is worth the world’s best.