Become a Dealer


We are always looking for strategic partners to carry the Pfanner and Protos® brand across Canada, as well as partners to carry the Protos® brand in the United States.


Retail partners are carefully considered based on industry served, geographical area serviced, product/brand compatibility, and a number of other factors. Having a brick-and-mortar retail location, including a showroom, is a mandatory requirement for all Pfanner and Protos® dealers.

Pfanner Canada is proud to provide comprehensive product training and fast, thorough support to our dealers. If you are approved to become a dealer, we will work together to build the Pfanner / Protos® brand presence in your area and build your business.

Due to duty import charges on certain products, we are currently unable to service dealership requests for Pfanner clothing products in the USA (but stay tuned!). Protos® Helmets and Accessories are, however, relatively easy to import into the US.