How long do backorders and special orders take to arrive?

NOTE: The below information is based on historical wait-times. Currently, wait-times are much longer than stated below, as the pandemic has created multiple manufacturing challenges that have significantly affected production.

It depends on the product and whether or not it is in stock at the manufacturers facility. It is impossible to provide an ETA until after a purchase order has been submitted, and we have received an order confirmation.

Most of the time, special orders / back orders arrive between 4-6 weeks after the order has been submitted by the customer, but back orders on Pfanner products can range from anywhere from 3 weeks to 9 months. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide more detailed information before the order has been placed and a confirmation is received from the supplier.

If a customer would like to know an ETA, they will have to submit the special order, and then we can follow up with them once we receive our order confirmation.

Special orders and backorders can be cancelled and refunded if the wait turns out to be longer than originally expected.

What is the warranty policy on Pfanner products?

Technically, there is no warranty. However, if the customer experiences what is an obvious manufacturers’ defect, warranty repairs will be considered for up to 12 months, on a case-by-case basis.

To submit a warranty claim, please fill out our WARRANTY CLAIM FORM.

You will be required to submit personal information, photographs of the damage, and a receipt of purchase.

Does Pfanner Canada ship to the USA?

Yes! We ship to the USA on a regular basis. Shipments are sent via FedEx, and they typically take 3-6 working days to arrive via FedEx Ground.

Shipping addresses in Hawaii, Alaska, or PO Boxes will be shipped via USPS Expedited and may require more time.

Is the Protos® Integral CSA Approved?

No, but they do have ANSI Z89.1, which is accepted by every provincial OHS board in Canada except for Newfoundland, and PEI. ANSI Z89.1 is NOT accepted in the Oil & Gas Industry, regardless of which province you are located.

It is the customers’ responsibility to verify what standards they must meet according to their employer, industry, and insurance requirements.

Is the Protos® Integral E-rated (dielectric)?

No, the Protos® has vents for airflow, which do not meet required electrical standards.

However, stay tuned, as there are future plans to release an E-rated model! If you would like to be contacted when an E-rated version is released, please click here.

Is the Protos® Integral side-impact rated?

According to American ANSI standards, no. According to European EN standards, yes (provided you are wearing a version with a chin-strap, EN12492).

Can I buy replacement parts for my Protos® Integral?

It depends which part you are looking for. Any part or accessory shown on the Protos® Accessories Page is readily available for purchase. Most of these items are considered maintainable parts, and periodically replacing them is encouraged to ensure optimal performance of the Protos® Integral.

Any pieces that are part of the outer-shell and inner-harness system are not available for purchase. They are considered part of the complete unit, which is ANSI and/or EN certified. In order to uphold that certification, those parts cannot be tampered with by the end user and Pfanner Canada cannot provide replacements for liability and insurance security. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Do Pfanner chainsaw pants have saw coverage around the calf (Type B)?

No, Pfanner pants are only offered in Type A and Type C.

All the products carried by Pfanner Canada are Type A, where the chainsaw coverage goes from hip to toe, and there is approximately 70% coverage around the calf, but not 100%.

Type C (full overage all the way around and up the back of the legs) are available on a special order basis.

What level of chainspeed protection do the Pfanner pants provide?

Class 1 = 3600 ft/min (20 m/s)
Class 2 = 4700 ft/min (24 m/s)

Do the Pfanner Pants meet my required safety standards?

It depends on which pants you are considering, where you live, what industry you work in, who you work for, and your insurance policy.

Please check with your provincial occupational health and safety board, employer, and insurance provider to verify what standards you are required to abide by.

Feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] if you would like some guidance. Though, be advised that it is the customers’responsibility to verify what standards they must meet according to their employer, industry, and insurance requirements.

Does Pfanner make FR (fire) rated Pfanner pants?


Does Pfanner Canada process orders over the phone?

No. All orders must be submitted online. However, we are happy to assist over the phone or e-mail to address any questions you may have about the products your are purchasing. You can contact us at [email protected] or through our Contact Form.

Does Pfanner Canada accommodate large-quantity orders?

Yes, though depending on the size of the order, we recommend that you reach out to one of our dealers first.

Do Pfanner pants fit women?

Yes, almost all Pfanner pants are unisex. The clever design and patented fabrics accommodate a wide range of different body types.

How do I care for my purchase?

You can find care instructions, and how to get the most out of your investment here.

Where do I find my nearest dealer?

You can find your nearest Pfanner or Protos dealer here