Protos® Integral Helmets and Accessories, by Pfanner

Shop for your favourite Protos® integral helmets and accessories, by Pfanner. This includes eyewear items that are essential in providing the visibility and protection your eyes need. You can prevent or mitigate many accidents by wearing proper eyewear equipment. This line of equipment is also extremely comfortable. The Protos® Integral Shell is also extremely comfortable and boasts a 5-year lifespan.

Our ANSI 289.1 approved equipment is also ideal for performing in extremely cold and warm weather conditions. You can rest assured that our helmets and related accessories will perform at peak-level no matter what your job requirements or Mother Nature throw at you. And you can expect ideal comfort and breathability as well.

Simply put, Protos® integral helmets and accessories by Pfanner are the perfect fit for working outdoors. These items will give you the confidence to take on the rigors of your job.

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