Pfanner Functional Outdoor Gear

Shop now for Pfanner functional outdoor gear. We provide adequate layers such as base, mid, and outer layers, ensuring that you’ll be properly dressed for all seasons. Our clothing provides the essential comfort, performance, and breathability that you expect and deserve on the job.

Pfanner outdoor gear is critical for construction workers, forestry workers, and arborists. Anyone who’s lived in Canada can attest to the freezing temperatures of wintertime, as well as the hot and muggy days, in the summer. We provide outdoors-wear that will keep you adequately dressed to perform your job, all while staying comfortable. We also carry the Protos® Thermojacket, Protos Thermovest®, and Protos Inuit Casual Jacket®.

You simply can’t go wrong with Pfanner functional outdoor gear; it’s clothing you can count on.

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