Pfanner V-MATIC Thermal Pants

CA $129.99

The V-MATIC Thermal Pants are a special design to be worn under Chainsaw Protection Pants, Tracking Pants, and Clearing Saw Pants. On cold days, these pants warm without excessive heat accumulation on the thighs. The perforated thigh insert is made of 100% merino wool and provides better ventilation and natural fit. They pants warm at the back and cool at the front. The pressure-free, flat seams provide optimal comfort and shape retention.


Meet the Pfanner V-MATIC Thermal Pants—your new go-to for outdoor comfort. These pants feature Stretchflex technology for unmatched flexibility in any activity. Engineered without a membrane, they prioritize breathability, keeping you cool in challenging conditions. Advanced humidity management ensures a dry experience, so you can stay focused on your tasks.

A standout feature is the 100% merino insert strategically placed on the front thigh. This design makes them perfect for wearing under chainsaw protection pants and tracking pants. Not only are these thermal pants lightweight, but they also offer impressive scrub resistance, ensuring durability in tough outdoor environments.

The Pfanner V-MATIC Thermal Pants go beyond with their thermo capabilities. Designed to provide optimal comfort in various climates, they offer warmth at the back and a cooling effect in the front. This adaptability makes them suitable for both cold and hot conditions. Whether you’re facing frosty terrains or working under the hot sun, the V-MATIC Thermal Pants ensure a versatile outdoor experience.

Crafted with consideration for diverse users, these thermal pants suit both men and women. Pfanner’s V-MATIC Thermal Pants not only meet the demands of modern adventurers but exceed expectations. They merge advanced technology with thoughtful design, elevating your outdoor pursuits. Embrace superior comfort and performance with Pfanner’s V-MATIC Thermal Pants—a true innovation in outdoor apparel.


  • 100% merino wool insert on the front of the thigh
  • Warm at the rear, cold at the front
  • Easy care
  • Very light
  • Ideal under heavy pants, such as CS protection pants or tracking pants
  • Temperature regulation: warming at low temperatures and cooling at warm temperatures

53% nylon, 38% merino wool, 9% spandex
Thigh insert: 100% merino wool


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 27 × 3 cm

S, M, L, XL, XXL


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