HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2020: Construction & Trades Workers

These gifts are absolutely perfect for the construction and trades workers on your Christmas list!

StretchFlex Fine Grip Gloves

These bad boys give true meaning to the phrase “fits like a glove”. They boast superior quality combined with maximum dexterity and fit like a second skin. These are the gloves that every tradesman has been looking for.
You can check them out here.
$9.99 CAD | Approx. $8 USD

StretchZone® Canvas Pants

These pants solve every problem that comes with standard work pants. The patented “StrechZone” panel on the backside provides optimal freedom of movement while you work, allowing you to jump in the bed of the truck or squat down without having to constantly adjust your pants. Plus the gusseted crotch ensures that it never rips in the undercarriage! These pants also have optional knee pads that slip into a sleek pocket on the knee, for days where you are working on the ground.
You can check out the StretchZone® Canvas Pants here.
Ranging from $129.99 – $164.99 | Approx. $104 – $132 USD
Optional Knee Pads: $27.99 CAD | Approx. $23 USD

Jobby Fleece Jacket

The Jobby Fleece is a fan-favourite around our shop. It is a highly versatile winter and shoulder-season jacket that can be used on it’s own or as a mid-layer. It is also great as a light-working jacket or for casual use. The long design with a cinching mechanism keeps and wind-proof lining keep the cold out, while the subtle reflectors add a layer of safety in low-light situations.
Check out the Jobby Fleece here.
Ranging from $134.99 – $144.99 CAD | Approx. $108 – $116 USD

Zip-Neck Hi-Vis Shirt

The Zip-Neck Shirt is a top seller! And for good reason; the moisture-wicking and temperature regulating properties make it an ideal base-layer in all seasons. The patented 37.5 Cocona technology ensures consistent temperature regulation for optimal performance. This shirt also does not carry odour and is equipped with the functional Zipp2Zipp® chest pocket. Available in both short and long sleeve versions.
You can check out the Zip-Neck Shirts here.
Ranging from $84.99 – $114.99 | Approx. $68 – $92 USD

Protos® Integral Industry Helmet

The Protos® is an absolute game-changer for anyone who has to wear a hardhat every day. It offers superior comfort and safety through your work day. Features include increased field of vision, innovative harness mechanism that doesn’t hit any pressure points, and one-time size adjustment. Additionally, this unit is completely modular. Many integrated accessories can be added into the helmet with just a simple “click” at any point throughout the helmets 5-year lifespan.
You can check out the Protos® Industry here.
$169.99 CAD | Approx. $136 USD

Protos® Integral Accessories

As mentioned above, the Protos® can be equipped with many different accessories, depending on your needs. All accessories operate smoothly with only two fingers once installed (which is very easy). Customize that Protos® to suit your exact needs!
Check out all Protos Accessories here.
Ranging from $14.99 – $79.99 CAD (excluding BT-com & lighting systems) | Approx $12 – $64 USD

Remember that we ship to the US! Get your order in before the Christmas shipping deadlines.

If you have any questions about any products, please feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We are always happy to help.