Special Orders

Not every Pfanner and Protos® product is listed on our website, but anything can be purchased through a Special Order.

Here’s how it works:

1. Locate the product of interest in the Pfanner Catalog.

2. Fill out the form below.

3. We will add the product(s) you you want to the Special Order section of our website and send you a link.

4. Simply place your order for that product. Voila!

Special Order FAQ is located below.

Special Order Request

  • Please input the product name and number as it appears in the catalog. Product numbers are listed on the bottom left side of each product page (6 digits). Use the + button on the right if you wish to add more than one product of interest.
    Product Name (as listed in catalog)Product Number (as listed in catalog)Colour (if applicable) 

Special Order FAQ

How long will my special order take to arrive?”

It depends on the product and whether or not it is in stock at the manufacturers facility. It is impossible to provide an ETA until after a purchase order has been submitted, and we have received an order confirmation.

Most of the time, special orders / back orders arrive between 4-8 weeks after the order has been submitted by the customer, but back orders on Pfanner products can range from anywhere from 3 weeks to 9 months. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide more detailed information before the order has been placed and a confirmation is received from the supplier.

If you would like an ETA, you will have to submit the special order, and then we can follow up with you once we receive our order confirmation.

Can I cancel my order after it’s been placed?

Yes. If, for any reason, you change your mind about your special order we can issue a refund immediately. If it’s taking to long or you simply do not need it anymore, the reason does not matter to us. We will give you your money back.

If my special order doesn’t fit, can I still return or exchange it?

Yes. We understand that your gear is an investment, and we want to get it right! If the special order doesn’t fit, or simply does not live up to expectations, it is no problem to return or exchange it*.
*Note: Small shipping fees may apply for return or exchange shipments, but we do NOT charge re-stocking fees. There may also be an additional wait-time for the replacement size to arrive (if it is exchanged).