Design Your Own Protos®

Here you can design your own Protos®!

Fill out the form below to request your own design creation. Let us bring your vision to life.

How this process works:

  1. Submit the form below to get started on your design creation ($30 CAD fee)
  2. The first draft of your custom design rendering will be provided within 4 business days
  3. Revise design as necessary (up to 5 revisions)
  4. Once the design is to your liking, you will be asked to approve the final design and quote for the final product
  5. Pre-Pay for your custom Protos (non-refundable, non-returnable, non-cancellable)
  6. Wait 3-5 months for arrival
  7. Receive your custom Protos®
  8. Be one-of-a-kind!

IMPORTANT: Please note the following limitations to Custom Protos® Orders.

Design Limitations

  • Protos® GmbH can NOT manufacture any Protos® with copyright or trademarked imagery
    • Examples of trademark/copyright images: major sports team logos, movie/book characters (ex. Marvel), other company logos, etc.
    • Examples of non-trademark images: a star, a maple leaf, etc.
  • For visor images, images with bold colour contrast and sharp, simple lines work the best, as the image is printed on a screen. Fine details do not print well on the visors.

Ordering Limitations

  • Lead-time for a custom Protos® is 3-5 months, after the final design has been approved and paid for
  • Pre-payment is mandatory for all custom Protos® orders
  • Custom Protos® orders are non-refundable, non-cancellable, and non-returnable once pre-payment has been made

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