BaSt-ing Schleiferl Chain Sharpener

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The grinder from BaSt-Ing is the sharpening tool of the future. In contrast to conventional grinding processes, well-known disadvantages are eliminated and the individual advantages are brought together in just one device.


  • High removal rate
  • Perfectly shaped tooth profiles (front and roof angle) are easily achievable
  • No annealing of the teeth
  • Avoid damage to the chrome layer of the saw teeth
  • Robust design ensures no loss of shape of the sharpening tool due to wear
  • Chain is sharpened on the bar
  • Tolerant of angle errors when sharpening due to the grinding belt running out at the top
  • Suitable for very small chains (1/4″ Picco) as well as for harvester chains (.404) (additional grinding shafts required)
  • Economical & quick

NOTE: Please observe Safety Standards Disclaimer 

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Revolutionize your sharpening routine with the BaSt-Ing Schleiferl Chain Sharpener—the future of grinding tools. Unlike conventional processes, this innovative device eliminates drawbacks. As a result, it consolidates unique advantages into one. Powered by a cordless impact wrench, it introduces a grinding belt system, a first in its category, which makes the process quick and efficient.

Though a new concept on the market, there are many advantages to using the portable grinding belt as the sharpening tool. Achieve perfectly shaped tooth profiles effortlessly, and as a result, bid farewell to damage to the chrome layer of saw teeth. Additionally, the Schleiferl ensures the sharpening tool retains its shape, even with continuous use.

Lastly, Versatility is key with the BaSt-ing Schleiferl Chain Sharpener—it suits small chains like 1/4″ Picco and robust harvester chains (.404) with the addition of extra grinding shafts. This tool embodies both economy and speed, ensuring a quick and efficient sharpening process.

Operating Tip:

Pro tip for abrasive belt longevity: Maintain high speed and low contact pressure to extend the belt life. Strike the right balance to allow abrasive grains the time needed to process steel without excessive wear.

The Schleiferl stands out as the pioneer in chain sharpening tools featuring a grinding belt, driven by small hex screwdrivers. Optimal performance requires a minimum speed of 3000 rpm.

Unit Includes:

The package includes the Grinder, thoughtfully accompanied by a high-quality transport bag, as well as a Hex screwdriver.

Elevate your sharpening experience  with both speed and efficiency, courtesy of the BaSt-Ing Schleiferl. This innovation that transforms the grind, one chain at a time.

Want to see it in action? Check out THIS VIDEO.

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Safety Standards Disclaimer

Follow directions provided in the user manual exactly.

Please confirm that your Bast-ing purchase meets the standards specified by your Occupational Health & Safety Board, employer, and insurance provider. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to ensure that all safety requirements are met and followed. This product does not replace safe working practices.

Savoy Equipment Ltd. does not accept responsibility for any instances of misuse, use without insurance, use without compliance to relevant OHS board standards, or any instance of use that results in death or injury.

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