Forearm Chainsaw Protection

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First-grade cut protection Class 1 (3900 ft/min – 20 m/sec)

The forearm chainsaw guard offers first-grade cut protection class 1 for the entire area. The knitted band protects from sawdust.

One size fits all

Upper: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide
 100% Polyester

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Introducing Flexprotect Forearm Chainsaw Protection, a reliable solution for professionals seeking top-notch safety. These sleeves feature Dyneema chainsaw protection class 1, ensuring optimal defense against potential hazards. The knitted cuffs at both ends serve a dual purpose by providing a comfortable fit and preventing the intrusion of sawdust, enhancing overall safety and user comfort.

Designed for all-around chainsaw protection, these sleeves go beyond the ordinary to safeguard against injuries with hand saws. The Flexprotect construction adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring ease of movement without compromising on protection. Whether you’re navigating dense underbrush or working in challenging environments, these sleeves are built to meet the demands of professionals in various industries.

The Dyneema chainsaw protection class 1 sets a new standard for safety, offering maximum defense against chainsaw-related risks. The knitted cuffs, meticulously designed to prevent sawdust intrusion, not only contribute to the overall safety of the user but also enhance the sleeves’ ergonomic design.

The all-around chainsaw protection provided by these sleeves is a testament to their versatility. They excel in preventing injuries associated with hand saws, making them an indispensable choice for those engaged in tasks where chainsaw protection is paramount. The innovative Flexprotect construction ensures that users not only experience heightened safety but also enjoy a comfortable and flexible solution for their forearm protection needs.

In conclusion, Flexprotect Forearm Chainsaw Protection stands out as a reliable and versatile choice for professionals who prioritize safety without compromising on comfort. The combination of Dyneema chainsaw protection class 1, knitted cuffs, all-around chainsaw protection, and the comfortable Flexprotect construction makes these sleeves a comprehensive and effective solution for anyone working in environments where chainsaw-related risks are prevalent. Elevate your safety measures with Flexprotect Forearm Chainsaw Protection, providing peace of mind and confidence in every task.


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