Pink Protos® Integral has Arrived!

Pink Protos® Integral has Arrived!

The PINK Protos® Integral has Arrived!

Shop the selection of standard-stocking and limited-edition Pink Protos® helmets. These items are exclusively available at Pfanner Canada and select Pfanner Canada Authorized Dealers.

Browse the Standard-Stocking Pink Protos® Integral

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of the Standard-Stocking Pink Protos® collection. Choose from the timeless Solid Pink, the chic Pink with Grey accents, the lively Pink with Yellow highlights, or the bold Pink with Black detailing.

The Solid Pink Protos® can be found here, and the colour-combo Pink® Protos can be found here.

Explore the Limited Edition Pink Protos® Integral

For those who want to stand out, check out the Limited Edition Pink Protos® helmets. Options include the Pink with Luminescent Glow-in-the-dark, adding an element of fun and safety to your workwear. Other options include Pink with Metallic Blue, Pink with Reflective Green, and Pink with Reflective White. So hurry and get your hands on these limited-edition helmets before they’re gone – these exclusive color combinations won’t be here forever!
The Limited-Edition Pink Protos® can be found here.

Why settle for ordinary when you can stand out with the Pink Protos® collection? Available exclusively at both Pfanner Canada, and Pfanner Canada Authorized Dealers. The Pink Protos® Integral has Arrived!

Dealers currently stocking the Pink Protos® include Arborist Supply, Maple Leaf Ropes, Novafor and Arbsession. However, they can be ordered by any dealer in our Authorized Dealer Network.

Of course, all standard Protos® colour options are always available! You can still enjoy the classic colour-combos, as well the timeless solid-colour options. Additionally, the Neon-Yellow Protos® and Limited-Edition Reflex-Series are also available! Explore over 40 different colour options here.