Nano-Active Insoles

CA $19.99

  • KlimaAIR® Honeycomb structure
  • Dries 5x faster than leather
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Extremely light


Step into a new realm of comfort and hygiene with our Nano-Active Insoles, an advanced fusion of technology and design crafted for various demanding environments, including forestry, mining, work protection, hunting, and outdoor pursuits. Engineered to elevate your experience, these insoles redefine the standards of performance and freshness.

At the core of Nano-Active Insoles lies the KlimaAIR® honeycomb structure, strategically positioned on the middle and rear foot. This innovative design ensures optimal pressure distribution, providing a harmonious balance between support and comfort. The honeycomb structure is not only lightweight but also remarkably resistant to abrasion, promising enduring cushioning throughout prolonged use.

What sets Nano-Active Insoles apart is the revolutionary Nano-Active technology integrated into their composition. This cutting-edge feature actively combats bacteria and odors, eliminating them entirely and ensuring a consistently fresh and hygienic environment for your feet. This is particularly crucial in demanding work scenarios, where long hours and varying conditions can challenge foot hygiene.

Furthermore, Nano-Active Insoles offer rapid drying capabilities, outpacing traditional materials like leather by up to five times. This attribute is particularly beneficial in environments where moisture management is critical, providing a dry and comfortable experience throughout your activities.

Noteworthy is the insoles’ incredible thinness in the toe area, allowing for shape adaptation that caters to individual foot contours. This characteristic enhances the overall fit and ensures that the insoles complement various types of footwear seamlessly.

Embrace the future of insole technology with Nano-Active Insoles — an embodiment of resilience, comfort, and hygiene. Whether navigating challenging terrains or enduring extended work hours, these insoles are your steadfast companions, offering unparalleled support and freshness every step of the way. Elevate your footwear experience with Nano-Active Insoles, where innovation meets lasting comfort.

Sole area: Micro-fiber
Damping: EVA

Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 3 cm

36 (4 – 4.5 US), 37 (5 – 5.5 US), 38 (6 US), 39 (6.5 – 7 US), 40 (7.5 US), 41 (8 – 8.5 US), 42 (9 US), 43 (9.5 – 10 US), 44 (10.5 US), 45 (11 US), 46 (11.5 – 12 US), 47 (12.5 US), 48 (13 – 13.5 US)


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