HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2020: Man With a Saw

Working with a saw everyday means prioritizing safety. PPE should always serve multiple purposes. First and foremost is to ensure that the product adequately protects the user in the event of an accident. Secondly, and often overlooked, is that the PPE should be comfortable to wear so the user can maintain focus and avoid accidents in the first place. Check out our selection of Chainsaw Protective gear.

Hand & Forearm Protectors

Our Class 1, Hand & Forearm protectors offer an easy solution to exposed arms while working with a saw.
Flexprotect Arm & Hand Protector: $54.99 CAD | Approx. $44 USD
Forearm Chainsaw Protector: $59.99 CAD | Approx. $48 USD

Kepro Gloves

The Kepro Gloves are made with flexible goat-skin for maximum dexterity and reinforced with with Kevlar in areas that saw operation causes friction. (Note: this product does not contain a chainsaw protective layer)
Check out our entire line of gloves here.
$45.99 CAD | Approx $37 USD

Gladiator® Ventilation Chainsaw Pants, Class 1

These pants are our top seller for a reason. They offer superior protection in terms of both coverage and chain speed. Furthermore, they are designed with the user in mind. They boast many features to ensure versatility, freedom-of-movement, and unparalleled comfort.
Check out the Gladiator® Ventilation CS Pants here.
Ranging from $439.99 – $504.99 CAD | Approx. $352 – $404 USD

Protos Integral Arborist

While this helmet doesn’t offer saw protection, it boasts many features that make using a saw easier and safer. The fine-mesh screen provides optimal protection against sawdust while maintaining a wide field of vision. The integrated Ear Protection is a sleek and convenient option to ensure the ears are always protected. Plus, they sit inside the helmet shell so they never get caught on any outside obstacles.
Check out our Protos Helmets here.
$374.99 | Approx. $299 USD

Zermatt GTX Chainsaw Boots

These Class 1 Chainsaw protion Boots offer more than just saw protection. They are equipped with Vibram soles for optimal grip and a Goretex membrane for breathability and waterproofing.
You can check out the Zermatt GTX Boots here.
$529.99 | Approx. $424 USD

Chainsaw Protection Jacket

For those who want extra coverage on their chest, shoulders, and arms, this jacket is the perfect solution.
Check out the Chainsaw Protection Jacket here.
Ranging from $549.99 – $604.99 CAD | Approx. $440 – $484 USD

Remember that we ship to the US! Get your order in before the Christmas shipping deadlines.

If you have any questions about any products, please feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We are always happy to help.


No cut-protection clothing can provide absolute protection against injuries by chainsaws. The degree of protection depends on numerous factors (ex. Chain-speed, engine torque, angle at which the bar contacts the fabric, working position, etc.). Cut-protection is not a replacement for safe working practices. Please read the Chainsaw Protection Manual located in the bag with your purchase for all safety details and warnings.